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The State of Project Planning and Execution

Construction projects still experience difficulties meeting the three successful criteria; delivered on time, with a final actual cost on or below budget, and in full compliance with the technical and regulatory requirements.

What’s causing this to happen?

  • Segregated planning information
  • Tracking thousands of activity and tasks
  • Subjectivity in execution measurements

Introducing PEMS

A cloud-based software designed for project and construction managers

Create a Performance Baseline According to Project Results

Integrate your scope definition, work breakdown structure (WBS), work plan schedule, and estimated costs to create a performance measurement baseline according to the project results.

Track Deliverables, Not Tasks

Determine the physical project progress through the completion of work packages and deliverables instead of the thousand activities and tasks needed in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Projects, or other activity-based scheduling tools.

Forecast Final Cost and Completion

PEMS uses earned value and earned schedule techniques to forecast the final cost and completion date when the project percent complete is determined in each measurement reporting period. 

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Learn how to manage the project life-cycle based on an integrated planning and execution methodology based on project results for construction projects.

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Learn practical concepts and tools to track margins, improve performance, and increase profits in your construction projects using PEMS.


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